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Kia’s Blind Spot Detection System

At last! No more leaning forward, backward and from side to side to see from all angles in the driver’s seat. Don’t worry about looking over your left or right shoulder just to ‘see around’ those blind spots.

Kia’s Blind Spot Detection System brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘safe driving’ and we’re sure you’ll agree that we can do with a lot more safe driving in Trinidad and Tobago.

By monitoring the road to the side and rear of the vehicle, two small radars mounted on either side of the rear bumber act as ‘the eyes behind your head.’

How it works

Blind Spot Detection System is engaged by pressing a button on dashboard.
If a car or large object is detected in a blind spot on any side of the car, a light will illuminate in the side mirror on the appropriate side.
If driver does not heed warning or activates the turn signal to change lanes the light flashes and an audible warning is given.

See our models with Blind Spot Detection:

Sportage GT
Sorento AWD 7- seater (diesel)

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