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Kia Trinidad 2019 Clearance Sale!


Clearance Sale 

: an event at a store, during which it sells products at a lower price than usual in order to sell quickly and make room for new items

: a sale of merchandise at reduced prices with a view to clearing it


Because who doesn't like a clearance sale? Come have a look at our vehicles. View reduced prices, year of manufacturing and colours available. No gimmicks, no catch. It's simply - A. Clearance. Sale. 




  Year Reg $ Sale $  
Bright Silver 2016 $165k $145k SOLD


Seen our 2019 Rio SportClick here to view details.





  Year Reg $ Sale $  
Aurora Black (EX) 2016 $183k $170k SOLD
Silky Silver (SX) 2016 $204k $180k SOLD
Silky Silver (SX) 2016 $204k $185k SOLD


Cerato GT Line is here! Click here to view details.



Cerato Koup


  Year Reg $ Sale $  
Abyss Blue 2014 $222k $199k  
Clear White 2014 $222k $199k SOLD





  Year Reg $ Sale $  
Inferno Red 2016 $184k $170k  
Cherry Black 2017 $187k $180k  
Inferno Red 2017 $187k $180k  
Titanium Silver 2017 $187k $180k SOLD
Cherry Black 2017 $187k $185k SOLD
Titanium Silver 2018 $187k $185k SOLD
Clear White 2018 $187k $185k  


Seen our 2019 edition of the Soul? Click here for more details.



Would you like to speak with our sales rep Don Stephens to find if you qualify for any of these vehicles? Feel free to leave him a message!





  Year Reg $ Sale $  
Mineral Blue (SX) 2018 $326k $295k SOLD
Silky Silver (SX) 2018 $326k $295k SOLD


Our 2019 Sportage is now $216,909! View colours, features and financing info here. 


Niro Hybrid

  Year Reg $ Sale $  
Snow White Pearl 2018 $208k $195k SOLD


The new Self-Charging Hybrid is here! Click here to view details.




  Year Reg $ Sale $  
Snow White Pearl 2017 $476k $445k SOLD





  Year Reg $ Sale $  
White 2017 $136k $120k SOLD


Special promotion on our 2019 K2700! View details here.





The owner of this site is Don Stephens who has been the number one Kia Sales Rep in Port of Spain for 3 years. If you're looking for specs, colors and prices for  Kias that are actually sold right here in Trinidad, don’t waste time on sites that say they’re local but are inaccurate. One site in Trinidad gives you accurate information on new Kias available locally. That’s Kiatrinidad.com. Your time and money are precious. Don’t waste it. Get the best possible service right here.



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