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The All-new Kia Optima in Trinidad & Tobago

The phrase ‘just in case’ is well known in Trinidad and Tobago.

A man would wear trousers 6″ too short – just in case it flood.

Some eat extra food by ‘d’ neighbor – just in case Mami didn’t cook.

Most persons keep the KFC cole slaw container – just in case they might want to give somebody some food.

The Kia Optima is a ‘Just in Case’ car, but sensibly so.

Dual Zone Climate Control – just in case the wifey don’t like it too cold.

Reverse sensors and camera – just in case you missed the fire hydrant when reversing.

Panoramic Sun Roof – just in case people get car sick, plenty windows to look out.

6 Speed Tiptronic with Paddle Shifters – just in case you enjoy power.

Quad Fog Lights and Daytime Running Lights – just in case you don’t want to look ordinary.

550w Infiniti Sound System with Subwoofer – just in case you want it feel like it’s Friday all the time.

Keyless Entry and Push Button Start – just in case people looking.

The Schreyer Black Series Grill – just in case you want to smile like a clown.

The All-new Kia Optima in Trinidad & Tobago

Please note that the Kia Optima is equipped with:

2 ignition transmitter keys – just in case you lose one.

1 spare rim and tyre – just in case a rusty nail find you.

Four power windows – just in case you have friends.

One steering wheel – just in case anyone else feel they could drive better than you.

An engine that runs on Super Gas – just in case funds low.

Bluetooth – just in case Police around.


Check out the ultimate ‘Just In Case’ – the Kia Optima

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