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Why you should use kiatrinidad.com

If you wanted to buy a house in Trinidad would you look at Real Estate listings from USA?

If you were going to Maracas would you check the weather in Hawaii?

If you wanted doubles would you call KFC?

No, no and no.

Sometimes customers ask us about Navigation systems, turbo engines and newly released models because they’ve seen these online. Even from some local reps. We’re sorry – that you didn’t come to Kiatrinidad.com before.

So if you want the specs, colors and prices for Kias that are actually sold right here inTrinidad, don’t waste time on sites that say they’re local but are inaccurate, don’t waste time on foreign sites that have equipment not available locally. One site in Trinidad gives you accurate information on new Kias available locally. That’s Kiatrinidad.com

The owner of this site is Don Stephens who has been the number one Kia Sales Rep in Port of Spain for 3 year

Get instant answers to your questions with Livechat.

Your time and money are precious. Don’t waste it. Get the best possible service at Kiatrinidad.com, Don Stephens.

What do you know about the Kia Rio?
All New Niro Hybrid in Trinidad and Tobago!

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